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Generic Adventure Site Guide (with limited mountain walking)

SA Outdoor Academy

20 February 2024

6 days

Cape Town, South Africa

Generic Adventure Site Guide (with limited mountain walking)
Generic Adventure Site Guide Skills Programme

Complete the Generic Adventure Site Guide course in scope of limited mountain climbing (on-trail, day-only hiking).

Phase One

This comprises of 5 days of classroom sessions at the SA Outdoor Academy training centre, where we cover Customer Care and Adventure Guide Theory followed by 3 to 4 weeks where you have to complete a number of assignments.

Phase Two

This is where you complete all assignments and produce a complete adventure trip plan. This also is 5 days in the classroom and in the field. The final activity is a weekend activity where the student will take the group through a guided activity and be assessed on this day hike.

When all course material is handed in (such as your assignments and completed workbook, logbook, first aid certificate, enrolment form complete, assessment report, and assessment checklist) SA Outdoor Academy will upload everything to CATHSSETA and on approval of their verifier, we obtain a certificate of competency from them.

The prospective guide can take their certificate of competency to the Dept. of Tourism in their province of residence, with their current first aid certificate and a set of ID photos where they will receive their tourism card and badge.

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