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Mountain Walking Guide Certification

Venture Forth

4 November 2023

9 days

Somerset West, Cape Town, South Africa

Mountain Walking Guide Certification
Mountain Walking Guide certification

In order to gain your technical skills competency to add to your foundation guiding course, we offer preparation training courses and accredited assessment for various technical skills.

The Mountain Walking Guide certificaiton is our most popular adventure guide qualificaiton course, and for good reason. Mountain Walking Guide skills gorm the foundation of all mountain guide training and is the most versatile skill set in adventure guiding.

Training Course Duration:

9 full days.

Topics & Content

The course is a mixture of theory lectures and practical in-field training.

Topics include: equipment; mountain leadership; group dynamics; mountain hazards; self-defense for mountain guides; advanced navigation; safety-on-steep-ground and rope word; basic self-rescue; and much more.


R7,900 per person

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