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Wilderness First Responder Course

Wild Medix

9 December 2023

9 days

Somerset West, Cape Town, South Africa

Wilderness First Responder Course
Wilderness First Responder

Advanced training in wilderness emergency care for the wilderness professional or serious adventurer. Adapted for remote African conditions our WFR course is more intensive and comprehensive than similar courses in the USA and UK.

This course is aimed at everyone who travels off the beaten track whether on foot or in a vehicle. It is ideal training for adventure guides and other professionals who work in the wilds and may end up in a situation where they need to take prolonged care of sick or injured clients or colleagues.

True wilderness professionals realise their responsibility to their clients and colleagues and obtain the best training possible for the conditions they work in.  This course syllabus meets and exceeds the international norm for adventure guides.

Topics covered:

  • Introduction to wilderness first aid & legal issues in wilderness first aid

  • Basic principles of first aid and safety, scene management

  • Anatomy and physiology, advanced patient assessment & equipment

  • CPR, advanced CPR equipment, oxygen, AED

  • Choking, shock, unconsciousness and fainting

  • Head and spinal injury

  • Wounds, bleeding, dressings and bandages, wound closure

  • Infection control and long-term wound care

  • Fractures, sprains, strains and dislocations, splints

  • Improvised splinting, traction and other treatments

  • Burns

  • Diabetes, seizures and epilepsy, cardiac conditions

  • Hypothermia, hyperthermia and other environmental conditions

  • Altitude related conditions, decompression illness, diving emergencies

  • Motion sickness

  • Behavioral problems

  • Allergies and allergic reactions

  • Poisoning, bites and stings

  • Water emergencies and ocean related emergencies

  • Patient lifting, self-extrication and transport

  • Wilderness medicine and pharmacology

  • Inter-venous therapy and IM injections (remote supervised)


80 hours - typically 9 full days


SA Department of Labour


NQF Level 3 aligned certificate valid for 3 years

WMX Wilderness First Responder


R7,850 per person


Tuition; quality course notes; CPR pouch; training equipment.

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