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The South African Adventure Industry Association (SA AIA) is creating a safer, more inclusive community for adventurers. We are an adventure collective - supporting the South African adventure industry.


The adventure industry in South Africa is fragmented, lacks safety standards, professional guidelines and (up to now) did not have an umbrella organisation to guide and mentor entrants into the exciting working world of adventure.

SA AIA is the first association in South Africa to work towards a professional, safe, and inclusive adventure industry.


Membership Perks

Each tier has its own specific membership perks. Those include the following:

  • Online Member Community.

  • Online Facilitator and Tour Guide database.

  • CPD accreditation (coming soon).

  • RPL processes (coming soon).

  • Professional Designations (coming soon).

  • Flexible Online Learning and Certifications (coming soon).

  • Mentoring Programmes (coming soon).

  • Direct Business and marketing mentoring (including social media training and assistance)

  • Monthly interviews and articles with experts

  • Members-Only workshops.

  • Members-Only and public Job Boards.

  • Virtual Events.

  • Volunteering Programmes.

  • Exclusive, Industry-Specific Offers.

  • SA AIA-only posts and messages.

  • Full library of publications and research access.

  • Member-only voting power.

  • Outdoor industry discounts.

  • Listed on our website and social media platforms.

  • Access to industry networking events.

  • Monthly newsletters.

  • SA AIA stamp of approval on your site.

  • Assistance and Mentoring around getting your business legal and safe.

  • Public Relations.

  • Direct and indirect relationships with governmental organisations and stakeholders.

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