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APA Partnership

01 Sept 2023

South African Adventure Industry Association (SA AIA) Partners with African Paddling Association (APA) to Strengthen Industry and Professionalization.

South African Adventure Industry Association (SA AIA) Partners with African Paddling Association (APA) to Strengthen Industry and Professionalization

SA AIA, the leading professional assocation in adventure-based learning and adventure guiding in South Africa, is proud to announce a significant partnership with the African Paddling Association (APA). This collaborative effort aims to further enhance the adventure industry, foster professional development, and promote accountability within the adventure community.

The partnership between SA AIA and APA signifies a shared commitment to elevating the standards and practices in adventure-based activities. Under the terms of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), APA has become a full associate member of SA AIA, allowing their members to join SA AIA at a 30% discounted rate, fostering a community of adventure professionals committed to excellence.

Key Objectives of the Partnership:
  1. Enhancing Professionalism: SA AIA will assist APA in ensuring that individual guides and tour operators adhere to industry standards, promoting safety and compliance.

  2. Promoting Professional Development: APA will encourage its members who are guides or aspiring guides, as well as staff, to join SA AIA. This will provide access to continuous professional development (CPD), accountability, and opportunities for growth.

  3. Skills Development: Accredited training providers aligned with the Quality Counil for Trades and Occupations (QCTO) or CATHSSETA can register with SA AIA as Skills Development Partners, offering CPD points to professional members.

  4. Consolidated Benefits: Members of both organizations will benefit from a consolidated platform, offering a wider range of resources, networking opportunities, and shared knowledge.

  5. Influence and Impact: The partnership presents an opportunity for APA to extend its influence in the adventure community and access a larger knowledge base, while SA AIA gains a stronger presence in the paddling sector.

This partnership underscores SA AIA's commitment to creating a professional and regulated adventure industry in South Africa. By working together, SA AIA and APA aim to enhance accountability, professionalism, and the overall quality of adventure experiences in the region.

SA AIA remains dedicated to its mission of becoming a SAQA-registered professional body for Adventure Guides and Adventure-based Learning (or LOTC) facilitators / leaders.

About SA AIA:

SA AIA represents two distinct sectors within its membership: Individuals - students and those who are qualified and who operate with the Adventure Based Learning (ABL), LOTC, and Adventure Tourist Guiding industries - and businesses - that provide training, products and services with these industries. As such, it facilitates the bringing together two of the main entities that play a role in developing regulatory frameworks namely individuals and businesses. SA AIA is a member-driven association, striving to become a SAQA-registered professional body. Our mission is to collaborate with likeminded individuals, and organizations to unlock the economic, human, and environmental potential of the South African Adventure Industry through a process of professionalization.

About APA:

The African Paddling Association is a non-profit organization established to promote the status and interest of paddling tour operators and guides. Our members are bound to adhere to strict operation, conservation, and consideration eithics in order to create a Professional Paddling Association for all.

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