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Road Safety Tips

We have reached that final stretch of the year where we are tired after a long year but also excited about Christmas with family and friends or even that beach holiday. For millions of South Africans, this means a time of travelling to our holiday destination or home, where our hearts are.

Sadly, this season also announces a period where we see carnage on our national roads, with motor vehicle and pedestrian accidents sharply increasing during this time. History and statistics inform us of many things we can do to protect ourselves and our loved ones on the road.

Even experienced airline pilots extensively use checklists and manually check items off with a pencil before and after every flight.

Here is a list that will go a long way toward keeping you and your family safe on the roads this holiday season.

Roadworthy vehicles.


  1. Drive belt – worn-out parts can cause severe damage to your engine.

  2. Fluid levels – engine oil, brake and transmission fluid.

  3. Rear and headlights – critical to ensuring visibility.

  4. Windscreen wipers.

  5. Brakes – pads should not be less than 5mm thick.

  6. Tyres – aligned, balanced and at least 3mm tread left.

  7. Spare tyres and tools.

Trailers and caravans.


  1. Lights and reflectors.

  2. Service wheel bearings.

  3. Check tyres (same as above)

Bicycle racks roof racks.


  1. Lights and reflectors.

  2. Check manual for loading guidelines.

  3. Tighten all bolts and ensure products are fitted correctly.

  4. Service with reputable dealers.

General important tips:

  1. Rest regularly and do not speed.

  2. Avoid driving at night.

  3. Never drink and drive.

  4. Save your insurer's number in case of an emergency.

  5. Relax and enjoy the journey.

  6. Always buckle up!

We want to take this opportunity to wish all of you a safe journey these coming weeks!

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