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Forever Fresh
Brand Partnership

Premium Freeze Dried Meals for Hungry Adventurers. Made in South Africa with love, renewable solar energy and sustainable processes.  Dehydration and Freeze-drying both seek to remove moisture from food, however the methods are vastly different. Dehydrators use heat to evaporate water, whereas Freeze drying uses vacuum freezing (a process called sublimation) to gently remove water, without damaging the food and the delicate vitamins and essential phytonutrients. This allows the food to retain its original shape, texture and concentrated taste. Freeze dried products are generally more expensive than Dehydrated equivalent products, but are way superior in every other aspect.


We're thrilled to announce our brand new partnership with Forever Fresh Foods! As part of this exciting collaboration, all SA AIA members now enjoy an exclusive 10% discount on the Forever Fresh shop!

Forever Fresh specializes in providing top-quality freeze-dried meals that are ideal for outdoor expeditions. Whether you're hiking, camping, or embarking on an epic adventure, their delicious meals will keep you fueled and satisfied.

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